Frequently Asked Questions

1. Solar panels collect the Sun’s energy

2. The energy captured by the solar panels is converted into usable energy by grid tied inverters for use in your home or business

3. The now usable energy available can be consumed by electronics and appliances such as your computer, TV, and smartphone.

4. An additional benefit to having available solar energy at your home is that it can provide clean, carbon free energy for your transportation

5. Additional energy that is not used by your electronics, appliances, or electric vehicle are exported to the local electrical grid and generates additional income. Read more about solar club rates and how your roof space can help you make $

Canada Greener Homes Grant (CGHG) Grant of $5600 is being discontinued as of 19th February, 2024. An update on replacement or revision of grant expected soon.

For business or commercial properties, there is ITC (income tax credit) benefit. This is being supplemented by Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) lending rates. Rates vary depending on the municipality the business/property is located.

Solar modules are made up of toughened glass and are pre-tested for hail storms in the factory using gold ball size hail travelling at approx.. 100MPH. They are in fact tougher that your roof and will also help protect your roof in case of hail. Additionally, modules have warranty of power output for 25 years, in case they need to be replaced.

If solar modules are covered in snow, they will not produce any power. Solgen proactively builds snow losses in to your expected yearly production in your solar proposal/quote. This means that your system size is designed keeping in mind losses due to snow cover and no production (or low production) due to snow coverage is already accounted for when determining your energy offset.

Luckily, warm weather has nothing to do with the geographical location’s solar potential. Alberta is one of the sunniest provinces in Canada. On an average we get more than 300+ sunny days. This is at par with some of the Indian or Australian or European cities. Cold weather is in fact an added bonus as solar modules will produce more energy when they are cold as their conductivity increases. Ladakh in India has the best solar potential in the India.

The team at Solgen will analyze your location, electricity usage, and sustainability goals to determine your suitability for solar. You can ask us questions you may have about solar, incentives, installation, and anything else you can think of.


Once approved, we will handle obtaining Electrical Permits and fill out your Incentive and Micro–Generation Applications for you. We will develop a schedule that works for you and make sure you are satisfied with every aspect of the process. We may need you to sign a couple forms depending on your utility provider.


Our qualified team of professional electricians will install your system, ensuring quality work throughout. We will connect the new solar panels to your existing electrical system and if required, assist you in meter replacement by the local wire line owner so that you can connect and sell to the grid.


After installation, our experienced team will review the solar system with you and explain how everything works, including incentives and micro-generation. We will answer any additional questions, ensure you are satisfied with the work, and have a comfortable understanding of your system


Lastly, we will introduce you to a company that can help you sell your carbon offsets in the open market

Solgen Energy has unique access to Alberta’s Green Energy industry. Light Up Alberta is a non-government program which encourages a switch to solar and renewable power. In short, retailers pay you back for what you don’t use. In spring and summer, that can earn you 30.00 ¢/kWh for energy put back into the grid. Want to know more? Read here: https://www.acenergy.ca/rate-plans


Please note: This program is designed for systems that produce more energy on site. Best times to be on solar club rates vary but can start as early as mid-March until as late as mid-Septmber. Please refer your energy offset bar graph that is provided in the quote. Solgen Energy Ltd. will not be able to perform any bill changes on behalf of clients.